The Fattoria degli Orsi farm is situated in a quiet area, far from heavy traffic and other sources of pollution. It was established to produce organic products by us, the Lorenzi family. We produce in harmony with naturehealthy and genuine food. The farm produces various wines, balsamic vinegar of Modena and white condiment.

The wine is obtained from selected grapes of our own vineyards where the vines are grown using only organic farming methods. All of the phases of the wine making are done in the wine cellars of our farm, managed by the members of our family. The sparkling white wine is produced according to the classic traditional Champenois method. The grapes are from Pinot grigio, Pinot bianco and Chardonnay vines.

Spanish Trebbiano, Modena Trebbiano and Lambrusco grasparossa grapes are used to produce the vinegar obtained through the traditional alcoholic and acetic fermentation of the must, aged in oak casks in the vinegar cellar.

The complete cycle, from grapes to wine and vinegar is done strictly on the farm, under our direct control.

All the products are organic and certified by Bioagricert in Bologna with number ITBAC080118.

The farm has also obtained the NOP certification for USA and the JAS certification.