Health protection

Fiordelisi employs cutting-edge methods while respecting nature and health. In traditional agriculture too, Fiordelisi prefers to use techniques that do not alter the simplicity and naturalness of raw materials by using natural fertilizers.

Just the sun and the salt

The desiccation and conservation techniques have been refined over time in a view to respect the simplicity and naturalness of raw materials without using chemical preservatives.

From field to fork

Fiordelisi monitors every single step of the production process, from harvest to distribution, in a promise of attention, which the Company renews day by day through accurate controls, and continuous research of innovative and breaking-through solutions.

Tradition and Innovation

Fiordelisi combines quality with innovation and it does so by elaborating news concepts and trying new processes.

Production Lines

Fiordelisi can be rightly defined as the uncontested leader in the European production of sun-dried vegetables, being also the first undisputed producer of dried and semi-dried tomatoes. 

Furthermore, Fiordelisi offers a wide variety of products among which grilled or sun-dried eggplants, zucchini, artichokes, peppers, chili peppers, semi-finished as well as finished products such as savory round peppers filled with tuna or goat cheese, tasty creams, pâtés or olives and appetizing sun-dried vegetables mixes.

This targeted differentiation is aimed at meeting the various needs and trends of the market.
Vegetables are processed through specific methods and ways of preservation, namely opting for sun drying and semi drying in the ovens, in-oil packaging or freezing.


Short Video about Fiordelisi